Can't get wireless card to work

This is my first home built system. Got a Asus P7h55-m pro mobo, saphire radeon 4850 graphics card, and a dlink dwl-g520 pci wireless card

I built the comp a couple days ago before i had the graphics card and at that point the wireless card was recognized by windows 7 and worked perfectly. The next day the graphics card came, i installed it and the drivers and it works great. However after booting up with the graphics card the wireless card stopped working.

The activity light blinks, but the power light doesnt. I retested the card by taking out the gpu and yes it works when the gpu is out. So it seems like its a power issue.

Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Been reading about irq stuff, but not sure if that will do it. And i cant find anything in bios to mess with irq.

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  1. What is your power supply? Sounds like an issue with it. Could you list the components you use please?
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