5970 only 1 gpu works on benchmarks?

In all benchmarks and CCC it only shows 1 gpu out of 2 working. The other looks underclocked, and does not seem to process data. Trying afterburner, and furmark. using latest drivers 10.2
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  1. What do you mean it only shows 1 out of 2?
    There should be a drop down menu to select which card.
    If you use 3DMark Vantage you could compare your score.
  2. "What do you mean it only shows 1 out of 2?"

    I think he means 1 core out of 2 cores(5870 Cores)
  3. yes. It seems to only want to benchmark 1 core. I've tried a few different benchmarking utilities, and in windows 7, it only gets a 6.0 score.
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