Q9550 2.83 OC help

Hi first of all just want to thanks a lot, this site helps a lot for new commer ^_^.
Any way back to my question,

Can any one give me a guide to overclock Q9550 2.83Ghz, my mother board is GA-P43-ES3G.
By the way is there any side effect in OC a CPU?
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  1. I would raise your fsb to oc and maybe add some volts. The side effect of ocing is more heat from your CPU so you should have something better than the stock cooler that came with your CPU. I would try Google to see how to oc your chip.. Good luck
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    Before doing anything read up a little bit.

    Here is the link, read it and come back with any additional questions.
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  4. Light did you manage to overclock because I have same mobo ga-p43t-es3g and cpu and 8gb corsair vengance ddr3 ram but I cant manage ro get stable If you did get stable can you post your settings thx in advance
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