Need DDR2, Nvidia, socket 775 motherboard

My buddy needs a new motherboard.
OS will be Win 7 32-bit.
Currently has an Intel socket 775 (Quad core) CPU
2 Nvidia graphics cards for SLI
and 4GB of DDR2 memory.
Looking for the latest model motherboard that can use his components?
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  1. The highest Motherboard to Run an SLI is The NVIDIA nForce 790i SLI or later models
    but i will call you luck if you found 790i Chipset
    best regards tho
  2. While that is correct that the 790i SLI was the highest end 775 motherboard they produced, I believe it was DDR3 only. The highest chipset you can get that is DDR2, nvidia, and 775 is the 780i.
  3. Quote:
    LGA775 is DDR2.

    no, LGA775 is dependent on what the chipset's memory controller uses
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