"Slot Blower" essential? Trying to cut down on noise.

My first build. Finally up and running tonight! An i7 system to be used mostly for music and movies, but I wanna have room for the heavy stuff.

So I've got it all in an Antec Sonata Elite, which is built to be quiet, but the thing is fairly noisy. I believe the culprit is the second fan, the "slot blower." Would this be an essential component? There's already one fan, a rather quiet one, right above it - plus the psu fan, cpu fan and gpu fan. The manual doesn't let on as to whether it's a necessity or a luxery, as I know the case is marketed primarily to hardcore gamers.

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  1. No case fan is a necessity unless your temperatures deem it as such. Why don't you just try removing it and taking a look at your temps? Your machine will probably be fine without it.
  2. Could always just yank the fan plug and see what the noise and temp differences are.

    The Sonata is not designed to be an "enthusiast's" case....Just the one case fan. Unless you have a big gaming GFX card or are doing more than moderate OC's, this should not be an issue, Does the GPU fan exhaust air outside the case (two slot design) or into the case (single slot design) ?

    How did the slot cooler wind up in there ? Was it something you put in on a whim or was it recommended to you somehow.
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