Is my GPU dying?

Ok Tom's, I need some of your guys' opinions.

Gigabyte 965P-DS3 3.3
Q6600 @ 3.2/3.42
8800GTX OC when I need to
2x1 GB Corsair PC26400
Iffy PSU, 850W, P95 and Furmark ~ 11.85V

Here's the symptoms:

Certain games are fine. I can jump on CSS and run 140FPS all day. No issue.
Red Orchestra give me low FPS, but steady low FPS, sound crackles a bit, not enjoyable.
GTAIV gives me about 8FPS, I used to (two days ago) get no lower than 25, average around 45.

Temps are fine, GPU never breaks 80C, CPU never goes over 60.
I've reinstalled all of my drivers to known working, no beta. One thing I did do was show my little brother how to install ATITool for an unknown reason, and that seemed to be when all the fooey started. I've since removed that, and it's gone from Device Manager.

When I had my E6600, any OC at all would make it do this, but that was on a different board. Is this GPU going, or is my free PSU taken a hit? I don't see what would cause it, and I honestly don't think the PSU has had it's day. All my numbers on HWMonitor come out fine, nothing wrong there. It's also about 8 months old. I haven't tried running my CPU at stock clocks yet, because it has truly been rock stable.

I ran Memtest all last night, 0 errors.

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I fixed it. Did a System Restore to 2 days ago, everything is fine. I also noticed after I posted this, but before the restore, that Small FFT's got my CPU to almost 70C in 5 minutes. It never usually breaks 60, and nothings changed. After the restore, temps are normal again. Any ideas to that one?!

Second Edit: I figured out the problem for real this time, it was the PCIe x1 bug. I don't think the system restore had much to do with it, but just happened to be that certain restart that fixed it. Now to fix it, all I need to do is enter the BIOS and jump back out, it boots to x16 fine. Strange, really.
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    Probably did something software wise that caused it to do so, and system restore undid those effects, beyond that is beyond me
  2. I think it was that dang ATITool. I'm not sure why it affected my temps the way it did, but something wasn't right. I'm idling right now at 31-30-28-28, ran P95 all night and Core0 was at 61C, so I think we're back on track.
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