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I just put together a New PC Rig,

I am using the Following...

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
1GIG ATI Video Card (Pcie)
Windows 7 64bit
550w ATX PSU (New)

I am getting a BSOD randomly when I boot up my computer. :o

I had the Memory Timings set to 7-7-7-21
as stated they are. And got the BSOD as soon as I almost finished Loading Windows 7
And also tried Auto Settings. I got through loading windows 7 and loading afew programs then Bam BSOD.

I dont know if I have the rest of the setting set wrong or I have Defective sticks of ram. :pfff:

I am ready to send these DDR3 Sticks back Because I read that alot of people are having problems with these. but I wanted to see if I am doing something wrong.

any suggestions ?


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  1. Anyone use this MB Before & Memory Before and have Problems ?
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    Download and burn Memtest86 to a CD. Run the memory diagnostic on each stick of RAM individually and together. Be sure you have the RAM settings set to manufacturer specs including the timings, frequency, and voltage. Let it run several passes for a few hours.

    If you get any errors, then the RAM is faulty.
  3. I did that last night, thanks for the suggestion. Yes it turns out one of the sticks is bad. I am going to ram it and hopefully get a good one back asap.
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