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Hello, my name is Steve and I have a V2 Premer computer that I bought on the Home shopping network Must of been in 2004. SorryI made a mistake it must of been un 2004 that I bought this compyter on the home shopping network! It has the PM800-M2 motherboard with enhanced funtion. It is desinged to fit the advanced Intal Pentium 4 processors in the 478-pin package.Its based on the Micro-ATX form factor.And the motherboard has the chipsets: PM800 northbridge and VT8237 Southbridge chipsets.the motherboard providesthe 800/533/400 MHz front side bus with extra capability. So now what is the best power supply I should use in it? THANK YOU SANTANITIS
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  1. You did NOT buy a Pentium 4 in 1996. I promise ;) You bought a Pentium with MMX support in 96 maybe or you bought it in 2006 with a P4.

    If it has a 350w power supply in it then pretty much any cheap 350w power supply should work to replace it. I normally would never recommend a cheap PSU but that is an old cheap computer to begin with and not worth investing much money in. Go to and look for the cheapest one you can find with the same specs as the sticker on the old one.
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