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Hey guys
So recently I was turning my computer off ready to go to bed. I take a shower I come back and I could hear my case fans still spinning with no image on the desktop so I hard shut it down. The next morning I turn it on and I get unexpected error when trying to boot to windows. I have reset my overclock and it boots fine now...I know its the voltages and I have set them on auto. In the past with auto voltages it would work no problem so if someone could recommend me voltages I should be running that would be really helpfull. I had it stable at 4.8 with 48 multi I just need voltages for everything. Specs are in my sig. Thanks guys :bounce:
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  1. Maybe 4.8ghz is too high try at 4.5 on auto voltages if thats stable go to 4.6 and so on until you get trouble not every chip will reach the same overclock and not every chip will take the same voltages have you read this guide http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/274821-11-sandy-bridge-series-asrock-overclocking-cores-guide
  2. it worked on 4.8 before...thanks for the link ill give it a read
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