Are these Antec 300 cases the same and will they fit my GPU?

one says mid tower and one says minitower, but they appear to be the same size! confusing.

Also, would it be large enough to fit one of these with no problem? If not, what's a similar value case that would be better?
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  1. Dont't worry. It will fit without any problem.
    Here you a have a video:

    As you can see, that guy has installed a much bigger graphic card with no problem.
  2. anonymousdude said:

    I want to keep my system on the quiet side, and I dig that card has many options for extra monitors. I haven't had a card with a fan for a while (my system right now is verry old with one of those cheap ones that doesn't com close to needing a fan), but people have been saying they can get a bit noisy.
  3. i'm also wondering is that case going to be decently quiet?
  4. This is a mid tower, don't look on picture (one on the Newegg site). I have mid tower with smaller dimensions. This is a definitely mid tower...

    About GPU, if you have money take MSI 5770 Hawk. This is awesome craphic card for overclocking and with excelent thermal solution.

    -I have this card, i im able to play game (STALKER Call of Pripyat) in 1920:1080 on max settings, also Crysis with i5 750 and only 2 gb DDR3 (on stock speed) and temps on this card never go above 70C, idle 35C.

    -And one more, don't buy GPU with passive thermal solution if you think to play games... If my 5770 go to 70C who is with 3 pipes and two PWM fans. What you think about passive thermal solution, lol will be hot like hell...

    Also always look and read "Review Summary" how many users are satisfied with this product...
  5. cutcopypaste said:
    i'm also wondering is that case going to be decently quiet?

    Case will be quiet if you look cerafully what fan you use.
    Buy 2-3 fans 120mm with max 1500 RPM this is enought for case and this case will be quiet for sure......
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