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I want to buy the gtx 460 gpu. It says that it needs one pci express connection.
I am sure that my motherboard has a pci express. But I can see that there are 2 connections for gpu on the MB. Are both pci express?

Reason why I am asking, is that one of the slots is too close to the psu that I can install a GPU there, so I must use the slot that is higher on the MB
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  1. Any of the pci-e slots will work with your 460. Your power supply must have the right lead and have enough amps on the 12v rail to support it. Look for a minimum of 22 on the ps label.
  2. I have a corsair 550w. I guess thats enough. but I will check the 22 think. but 22 what?
  3. amps. Your corsair has at least 30, so it will work fine.
  4. I read on another forum that it matters which pci-e-16 slot u put the gpu inside. but u say it doesent matter. who are correct?
  5. found the answer in my mb manual. single gpu should be in the blue pci-e-16 slot for best performance
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