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A discount internet supplier (based near me) sells Kingston and Elixir DDR memory (800mhz). I already have 2 sticks of the elixir.

I know elixir is often described as crap (while others say it's not) the prices are actually identical.

I'm about to upgrade to x64 bit OS, so should I buy 2 more sticks of the identical elixir or rip out the the lot, toss it and buy 4 sticks. It's a lot of money to sacrifice to do the latter ($118 for 2 sticks, double for 4).

I do want to OC my q6600 by a fairly hefty amount. I've tried overclocking my memory before and even the slightest change was unstable but then I had a horrible PSU and I now have a corsair TX 850w.

WHat should I do?
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  1. Any memory is good, just have to learn how to change timings. I would go for another pair of elixirs.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    I would go for the Kingston, have more experience in the market and are good quality.
  3. Thanks.

    Some people are now telling me that I shouldn't buy any additional memory even with Windows 7 x64bit as while that would let me use even more of the 4gb I have (all of it), it won't actually effectively use the whole 8gb (even if it can technically read it). That's not what I always thought but that was on (which for some reason I get a 'cannot display website' page for, for a few days now).

    I ran Memtest all night and got no errors with the standard timing and voltage. 5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v

    What could I aim to set that to? Would 4-4-4-12 work? @ what voltage?

    Since I've had this memory for at least 18m-2yrs now, I won't replace it if it isn't getting errors unless I was going to be forking out already for MORE memory.

  4. with voltage, you want to keep it at what the ram states its ram voltage is set at. As for timings, I am still messing with that in my sytem myself.
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