Core temps extremely high

Hi guys,

i have the following problem:

my core temps are exceeding 90C

last week when i cleaned the inside of my case i (accidentaly) removed the cpu fan

i am still a noob at this stuff so didnt know what to do and stuck the fan back on

ever since the temps are blasting into space but the cpu temp reading is still around 40C or so.

im running a q9550 (@ stock 2.83Ghz) on a p43 mobo and stock fan (dont know the exact types cos im at work atm)

Hoping that someone can help me out

thnx in advance
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  1. 40C is OK
  2. yeh but what about the core temps themselves at one point i noticed it even went to 102C :s
  3. you have to clean the cpu and the heatsink off and reapply the thermal paste. If you managed to knock off the cpu fan then you may have broken the pins that hold it down. you may need a new heatsink.
  4. How can the cores reach 90C+ but the cpu itself only reaches 40c? what are you using to read the temperatures?
  5. i was using everest ultimate and now switched to coretemp

    got myself a new cooler this afternoon and reapllied the thermal pasta after cleaning the processor cap

    things seem to be working fine now

    OCed it to 3.4 GHz idling at 30-35C and 50 under load

    so i think problem solved!

    thnx for the input guys appreciate it
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