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okay so i just learned that the noctua nh d14 and phantek air coolers dont fit due to my ram being so high so i just got an email of the corsair h100 being on sale for $20 off

should i buy the h100? what are problems that people tend to have with this cooler?
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  1. Well it's an water cooler. Very good for OCing but it doesn't have any other purpose other than keeping you CPU cool (obviously ). The only problem is if it will fit in your case and where you will install your radiator. You should tell us your specs mate :) The radiator is usually mounted on the top of the case beneath the steel bar. That's why your case should have top exhaust.
  2. Case: Haf 912
    Mobo: gigabyte 970a GA-ds3
    Cpu: fx 6300 Stock cooler
  3. It kind of depends on what you are going to do with it...H100 isn't that fabulous of a cooler and depending on exact RAM, you might find other air coolers that fit and would do just fine.

    Seems like an unnecessary waste of money on a cooler unless there is a specific need in mind.
  4. um yeah i have the corsair vengeance the one with the big heatsink so noctua nh d14 and the phanteks are out of the question :X the only one i hear that are decent that would still fit are the evo and liquid cooling in general

    so i was wondering if i should get this h100 since theres a sale this weekend making it

    CAD 75.99 +tax
  5. Wouldn't be worth it to me unless you didn't really have any other choice on what you want to spend money on.

    I honestly wouldn't use any heatsink other than a flavor of the Hyper 212+/Evo...for that price you really can't beat it. If you want to spend more, just make the jump to an XSPC kit. Corsair closed loop units aren't in the same league as these entry level kits.
  6. I wasn't super impressed with it but it did take my load temps down 10C compared to the cooler master 612 I had in before its a lot quieter as well but yeah rubix is right just grab an xspc raystorm kit they're a little more expensive but way better performance.
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