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OK, is samsung RAM OK? I'm looking for something cost effective that is atleast 2gb. If I get a Samsung 2gb module I can rather get a better graphiscs card(MSI N460GTX HAWK instead of the normal 1gb Cyclone). Later on I will get 4gb of Kingston HyperX Blu but I need a temporary solution that should last atleast 4-6months maybe even.

Will it work for me for that time period?

NOTE: I will be getting 1gb Kingston ValueRAM as well because if I get the Samsung RAM I'm going to have to wait about 2 weeks before I can collect it and I'm getting the rig within about a week maybe. So I don't want it sitting around.
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  1. Whether or not the RAM will work for your desired period of time is not something anyone can guarantee you. However, as long as you buy the DDR generation your mobo supports, you should be fine.
  2. Yepp, OK. DDR3. Just wanted to know. Thanks!
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