Help me overclock my A10-5800K

Now that I have a separate graphics card, I'd like to see how far I can push my APU. With its GPU not running, it stays plenty cool, so I know I can go higher. Using the Asus AI auto-tuner, I'm at 4.4 Ghz or so (44 multiplier and 102 frequency) but if I go into the bios & change the multiplier to 45, it fails all of the prime95 tests. I know I need to give the cpu a little more umph, but not sure what to change. There are a bewildering set of choices on my asus board. Found some screenshots here, about halfway down the page:

Any suggestions would be helpful. I only understand a few of the choices; there are all kinds of options for voltages, frequencies and current capabilities, and I'm scared I'll change the wrong thing and burn something up...

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  1. try increasing the core voltage a small bit at a time test for stability at every increase but dont over do it. what is your vcore now ?
  2. You probably want to post this over in the over clocking forum, should get a better response there.
  3. VCore dynamically changes; I'm running prime95 right now, all 4 cores are maxed out, and VCore goes from 1.48 to 1.6. +12 is at 12.0, +5 is at 5.8, +3.3 is at 3.296. CPU temp is at 50degC.
  4. oops I meant 5.08v - sorry. I don't think the bios has a vcore option.

    How can I move this thread to another forum? Or should I just start a new post over there?
  5. A mod could move it if they notice it or click report in your first post and say you've posted in the wrong forum, they should be able to move it for you then.

    Edit: Just sent a message, hopefully it can get moved for you and you can get a better response, good luck :)
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