Computer won't always reboot or awake from sleep

My computer will not always reboot or awake from sleep. This has been happening from day one. The PC has been built for me by a local computer store.

When I first got the computer, I installed Windows 7 on it. When the installation tried to reboot the computer, it would not do it. Also, the image on the monitor got blurry with horizontal stripes on it for a while. I tried installing new drivers for the video card, but that did not help. After the system went to sleep mode, it would not come back alive from it. I put the computer on and the fans started whirring but I got no image on the screen, not even the BIOS screens.

I returned the machine to the shop, where it was for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I contacted them. They contacted me back and told me that they found no problem with the computer. They had had it on without problems and apparently checked all the parts, so they sent it back to me.

I got the machine back and they had reinstalled Windows 7. I have had the following problems since then:
- Audio and video image are out of sync
- After getting out of sleep mode, I only get audio from the right channel
- Sometimes the computer will not recover from reboot. The screen goes black, there is the beep, but after that the fan starts to go on and off, on and off, for ever. I will not get any image to the screen, not even the BIOS.
- The same will happen occasionally after sleep. The computer is not recovering from it but I get the fan cycle thing.
- After recovering from sleep, the right side of the screen is "oscillating" and is blurry. This will go on for a couple of seconds.
- Once after recovering from sleep the computer instead rebooted on its own. There was an error message about a corrupted file when Windows started. Keyboard and mouse did not work. I took on and off the cables and got the mouse alive. When I clicked ok, there were horizontal grey and dark grey stripes on the screen.

I have tried so far:
- updated video drivers
- updated audio drivers
- updates BIOS
- removed and reattached memory sticks and video card

The specifications of the machine are as follows:
XFX Ati Radeon 5770 1GB GPU
AMD Athlon II X4 620 processor
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard
Kingston 4GB 1333MHz DDR 3 KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200.12, 3.5", SATA II, 32MB, 7200RPM hard drive
Optiarc DVD±RW DL 24x, 5240S, SATA, Musta
Antec Sonata 3 with EarthWatts 500W power
BenQ G2420HD display

All advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. You have a number of known issues going on. The gray stripes are a known ATI issue and some of that has been fixed with the 10.2 and 10.3 drivers. dont mix your issues.

    Not waking from sleep can be caused by a number of issues. Video drivers can cause it, Bios settings not correct, and sometimes the motherboard has issues.

    Two thoughts - either get the shop to demonstrate that it wakes from sleep mode or go through your system with a fine tooth comb (without guaranteed results).

    Start with opening a command line window and run Powercfg - Energy to assess whats wrong. Fix those issues and see if it can wake up.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I am trying to get new drivers, but for some reason Windows keeps on saying that the .exe from ATI is corrupt. Let's see if I have better luck with the Catalyst Center download.

    Sadly for me, I bought the computer online and the closest location of the shop is quite far away from my home. That is why I am trying to resolve the problem myself for now.

    Powercfg -ENERGY only gave some errors regarding one USB device. I am a bit at loss what to do with that error.

    As to the BIOS settings, I am not sure where to start with them.
  3. I seem to be extremely unlucky. My Windows installation is telling me, that ATI Display Driver package is corrupted. Furthermore, Catalyst Center installation crashes every single time.
  4. I got rid of the XFX card and now I only have one problem left. After sleep I lose audio from the left channel. Meaning, after sleep, only right speaker works.

    Any ideas on how to solve this. I got the newest audio drivers from VIA installed.
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