Timings for a 6950

I have a XFX HD 6950 1GB card WITH the dual bios switch. Its at Version A0, and I haven't flashed it at all.

Just recently i decided to see if I could flash the BIOS to the 6970 BIOS to get the 1536 shaders out of it. I went through the whole RBE and Atiwinflash to save, edit, and flash my BIOS and it worked. I now sit at 1536 shaders enabled.

My question is what timings that other owners of the 6950s have achieved using the stock cooler. Im looking to attempt an overlock of mine, and wanted to see what everyone else had gotten using stock HSFs.

Right now im sitting at 800/1300 core/memory clocks. The limit is set at 830/1350 or 1375, not real sure, as I forgot to write that one down lol.
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