Overclocked 1045T Results!

Hey everyone, I overclocked my 1045T 2.7ghz today to 3.8ghz. I feel I got good results and looking for some advice! I will post pictures for proof and for advice. Ran stable for 12 hrs 5 min on prime95. Are my numbers good?

My Build:
Motherboard: MSI 970-G46
CPU: 1045T
GPU: MSI 7850 twin frozen 3 OC edition
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LP 8 gb 1600
PSU: Corsair 750TX
Case: Corsair 200R
Cooler: Corsair H60 With push pull Cougar CFV12HPB running out the back, should i have it blowing into case instead?
6 case fans plus 2 in push/pull

Temps 15c idle, 30c full load, 40c full load with Central heat running.

Pics of CPUZ and Cortemp

Pics of Cinebench

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  1. nice overclock the temperatures look safe you've done a good job you should post it at the AMD overclockers club thread http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261868-11-overclocking-club
    how much voltage you got to the cpu to keep stable?
  2. 1.45v I Ran Prime95 for 12hr 5min no errors then ran Planetside 2 at max settings for an hour no hiccups or temps over 30c so I do believe it is stable. An overclock I saw on youtube had higher HT link and nb freq of 2850 so Maybe I could push for 4.0? Honestly though idk if 3.8 to 4.0 is worth the leap?
  3. well your cpu can take a bit more voltage as long as the heat is not too much which it seems you could push for more if you like, check out the overclock club thread theres some good info there I was advised to keep the HT link speed down for better stability as it doesn't increase performance having it higher, between 2000-2300mhz is good for it i run my 1090T at 3.9ghz with 300x13 with 1.48v 2700mhz NB and 2100mhz HT link im actually testing out 4.05ghz overclock at the moment with 300x13.5 and 1.51-1.55v i haven't posted the stablity results yet cause ill probbly game on it for the weekend and then prime95 monday or tuesday and post at the club thread
    12 hours prime95 is loads a 2 hour test would have shown anything up
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