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November 19, 2010 3:19:45 PM

i have a dx58so motherboard with a core i7 920, and it wont give me any display.
last time it said "cmos battery failure" and i replaced the battery but the problem remained the same(no display) .....
the fans power up as well as the hard drive...
I ve tried no RAM(3 beeps).....
plz help as my whole system was running OK for about 6 months before this happened!

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a c 124 V Motherboard
November 19, 2010 6:33:26 PM

In my experience, the most common reasons for no display are:

1. Short circuit - best way to rule this out is to breadboard.
2. RAM - Without RAM, there is nothing to process, ergo no display. But you've tried this, so we can move on for now.
3. PSU - An underpowered system can exhibit the symptoms you've describe. Use a multimeter to test the output of your Power Supply.
4. GPU - Video cards aren't immune to the defect factor. Try connecting to onboard VGA (if available) or a different add-on GPU.
5. CPU - Often one of the most overlooked components is the CPU. Because of its design to shut itself off when too hot, it can give the misdirection to a more obvious hardware component. Still, check the thermal paste on the CPU; ensure that the heatsink fan is spinning, and most of all, ensure that the 4/8-pin connector is plugged in.
6. HSF - Like the CPU, the heatsink/fan can often be overlooked. People assume that because they hear the case fan(s), that all fans are operational. If the heatsink fan isn't spinning, the computer will not boot. This is because w/o the heatsink fan pulling the heat off of the heatsink, the eminated heat doesn't lift off the CPU fast enough, causing thermal shut down. Yes, it takes literally seconds for the CPU to overheat.
November 20, 2010 5:33:28 AM

psu is fine as everything powers up(including gpu and cpu fans and hdd) graphic card fan spins but will try another gpu later
the heatsink heatpipes get a little hot(212+)so cpu is fine
as before mentioned the hsf is 212+ and its fan spins up
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a c 124 V Motherboard
November 22, 2010 9:06:25 PM

If your HSF is 212+ degrees fahrenheit (which is ~100 degrees Celcius), then your CPU could be overheating. Remember, heat rises, and the source of the heat of the HSF is the CPU. Double check the thermal paste and also ensure that no thermal paste got on any of the CPU pins.

While you're in the case, disconnect everything other than:
1. CPU/HSF & 4/8pin connector
2. ONE RAM stick
3. GPU and 6/8 pin connector(s)
4. P1 (main power) connector

The idea here is to reduce as much load as possible from your PSU, just to make sure. It's not a foolproof technique, but if your display comes back, then the PSU may be going bad.
November 26, 2010 3:42:20 PM

the hsf is hyper 212+