FPS drops

Hello ppl

using a home made system , not the newest, but "works" :

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
2GB Corsair CMX1024-3200C2
Nvidia GF 7800 GTX
SB Audigy

WDC WD1500HLFS as system disk
then some other as storage disks

Now to the problem i have:
in games like ( Serious Sam, MWII, Dragon Age Origins ) i have FPS drops, down to like 2-3 FPS
i can play like 3-4 mins, then it happens, and the drops is about 10 secs, play 3-4 mins, then 10 secs drops, and so on
i have update all my drivers that i know about, and DirectX.
also have tried diffrent OS, started with WinXP, moved to Vista, and now im on Win7
but the problem stays, so it have to be something with the hardware
1 thing is kinda odd tho, when i play WoW i never have FPS drops.

So any smart / cleaver person out there had/have same problem, and solved it, PLS gimme a tell

// SuBBen
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  1. Did you change anything before the problems started? That would certainly help diagnose the problem.

    Have you checked the CPU and RAM usage during these tasks? The only thing I can think of that might be happening is that there is a task running in the background that's eating up your CPU and memory without you knowing. I would try running some virus scans and check what programs are loading when you boot up.

    Something else you can try might make a difference if your HDDs are really full. Try deleting/moving some data off the HDD with your programs. Also, run a defrag on the drives. If HDDs are too full, they will run slower. I've heard a good measure is to keep at least 2 times (so 4 GB for you) the size of your RAM free, but 4 times (8 GB) would be better. I can't say for sure if that does anything, but it made my laptop a lot faster.
  2. I'd run DX diag tests 1st and see if i get any specific issue
  3. the only thing i have change since the problem started is the mouse, have tried to change back, and it makes no diffrent
    yeah, since i have G15 keyboard i can see the the RAM and CPU usage on the LED screen, but it stays the same when the FPS drops.

    have AV- program installed, and when i format the HDD, im using a diffrent computer that only have WinXP on and no conn to the internet.
    well, i have about 100GB free on system disk, and from 50-200GB on the others , so that should not be the problem.
    ( its a new installed pc with only Win7 + latest drivers + 4-5 games )
    tried defrag on the disks, dident help :/
  4. Probably just low on RAM. XP seems to use more RAM the more you patch it. Also, your anti-virus could be slowing it down either buy consuming RAM and forcing the system to slow down and use the swap file, or by hogging CPU cycles.
  5. Anyway, I say run a game that you have this problem on in windowed mode, open up task manager (ctrl-alt-del), and see if your low on memory or have high CPU utilization when you get those slow downs. If you have high CPU utilization then you can check the tasks and sort them by CPU usage. Chances are the AV scanner will be competing for the cycles with the game. If the CPU usage is not over 80%, but your low on available memory, then you probably just need more RAM :D
  6. Could you have a heat problem? Can you tell how hot the cpu or the graphics card is when you have the problem?

    If the cpu gets too hot, it will throttle it's speed to keep from damaging itself. When the temp gets back to normal, it will resume full speed.
    Same for the vga card.

    Try running with the side of the case off, and a house fan plowing cool air into it. If the situation improves, then you know you have a heat problem.'

    Also, check that the cpu and graphics card fans are spinning. Also check that the cpu cooler is solidly mounted.
  7. dont think so, have 2x80mm in front taking in air, 2x80mm get air out, and 1x80 blowing on the disks

    and , yes all fans are spinning like they should

    GPU on idle is around 50-52, and under game 65-68

    CPU on idle is around 30-35, and under game 45-48

    and thats "sounds" about rigth temp for GPU and CPU

    // SuBBen
  8. and i have task manager on my other screen, and when im playing both CPU and RAM are on about 60%
    when the "FPS drop" comes, it migth change to like 58% or 62%, diffrent from times to times, and the RAM is kinda steady on 60%

    always shuts down unnecessary programs as AV , when playing
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