Are these temps okay for 7950 Crossfire?

"Top" card is a Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X and the "bottom" card is an MSI 7950 Twin Frozr III. I used the quotes because I'm using a Raven RV03 so neither one is actually on "top" (both are vertical).

The Sapphire was the coolest of the two so I put it as the primary card meaning it's in the first slot. By itself it never breaks 50*C with 40-50% fan. In Crossfire it tops out around 60-65*C at around 60% fan. The MSI by itself ran around 55-60* with 55-60% fan. In Crossfire as GPU2 it runs around 59*C or about 5*C cooler than the Sapphire on average with around 60% fan.

I know these temps aren't dangerous (my first MSI 7950 ran 70-80*C at 100% fan so it's much better than I had before), but I'm wondering if this is an okay or normal temp for Crossfire with these cards.

I have 2 180mm AP fans in the bottom of my case that don't seem to affect the temps of the GPUs much if any at all whether they're on low or high.

Also, I'm assuming that I should put the coolest running card (Sapphire) in the first slot which will suck up hot air that's being exhausted from the bottom of the MSI card making them run pretty close to equal. On second thought, maybe I should swap since the Sapphire will dump out cooler air for the MSI to suck up? Maybe that wouldn't make a difference but someone that has experience with Crossfire may know. This is my first time running more than one GPU.

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  1. Coolest card on top.

    I'm not familiar with your particular cards, but the jump in temps from stand-alone to dual-card configuration are almost Identical to what happened with my 560(s).

    -But my top card went from 55-60C to 71C
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