Are there motherboards out there that support 2 LGA 1366 CPUs

I would love to build a very powerfull graphics worstation. Now that DDR3 memory has dropped so much that 24gb is not out of range I would love to see a MB out there that would support 2 LGA 1366 socket CPUs (i7) so I could have so many more cores available to me
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  1. Here's a list from Newegg. I have no idea on how good they will be, espeically compared to a Xeon processer. Few people down in this section will be able to help. You'd get better information if you read through some of the stuff in the server section...
  2. Here is the motherboard you need to look at... EVGA X58 Classified SR2
  3. tecmo34 said:
    Here is the motherboard you need to look at... EVGA X58 Classified SR2

    Thats the one for sure.. My wallet flew accross the room and hid at the $600 price, but what a board! Looks like it needs a pretty special case to accomidate its massive size. I'll also have to move from 750 watt supplies to the 1200 they show too. Or maybe I could buy anew car
    But 24 cores vs my current 4, that should make things fly. I'm currenly rendering an image in Vue at 24 inches by 16 inches that is tying up my quad for 500+ hours, but it's a commisioned piece so I pushed render and just have to use my content creators to render smaller jobs until then
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    If that's what you're doing, I'd grab the EVGA X58 Classified SR2.

    I'm dreaming about two Intel Xeon X7560's. That's 2.26 GHz, 24 MB L3 cache, QPI 4x6.4, running 8 cores with 16 threads. A man can dream, it's up to the wife to bring him back to reality :)
  5. The EVGA SR2 looks good, HOWEVER, it doesn't appear to support ECC/FB DIMMs. If you're building a serious workstation, I highly recommend you run ECC RAM.

    Also, the SR2 needs a Xeon CPU, normal i7's won't work. Also, realize that the SR2 uses the HPTX Form Factor, thus requiring a custom built case (Mountain mods should have a case that can fit this)

    SR2 specs:
  6. obsidian86 said:

    Saw that a few minutes ago, looks to me like the Intel Xeons win in most cases, however I found the Linux Blender benches quite interesting.
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