What is the COM1 plug on my mobo, and USB (blue plugs)

I have a couple of questions. Spent the last few hours tinkering around with my motherboard and connecting things to my power supply and I need to know something. Why don't I have the plug to connect to the COM1 port? It's got nine pins in it. Another thing, what is the USB ports (the blue ports) on the board? Just to add extra USB ports in the future if I wanted??
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  1. COM1 is the first serial port. COM is short for communictation. These types of serial ports were officially named RS232, for the style of communication used - transering one byte at a time, one after the other, through series of pulses. This is binary language.

    These ports typically aren't used anymore, as the technology of old has been long since improved. Basically it was used to attach devices that "communicated" with the computer. With today's devices connecting via USB, there is no need for the COM ports.

    As far as the USB question... Yes. The blue ports on your mobo are to add add-on USB ports. The additional USB ports would install in one of the rear expansion slots.
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