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Really looking for some further opinion about case fans for my up and coming water cooling project. I am going to be running at low RPMs with this setup, probably 1000 RPM max, 800 RPM average. Noise is a big priority for me, I want some quiet fans but obviously I want some that will do a good job cooling. In all honesty, I am going so incredibly overkill with the cooling on this project, the quality of the fans won't really matter, but I still want good fans obviously haha. I have myself narrowed down to five fans, and while I know these probably won't be the BEST fans possible, the look of the fans is something else I am weighing. So, if I could get some opinions about the following five fans and some people to tell me which ones to pick between, I would greatly appreciate it!

Xigmatek XAF-F1255

Xigmatek XAF-F1253


BitFenix Spectre

AeroCool Shark Fan

If I had to say I was leaning towards any of them right now, I would say either the XAF-F1255's or the NAXT RF-FZ120-R1's. I really like the look of the fans, and in the case of the XAF's, I'll save myself some money too. Again, thanks for any and all opinions!
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  1. I am running the aerocool shark fans on my Swiftech 360 radiator with the included power reduction cables 700 rpm they push plenty of air and are quiet. They also have very nice sleeving. I have 2 blue led and one pure black.

  2. Hmm thank you! That's the second Aerocool recomendation I have gotten on those shark fans. Do you know if they make them in black with LED's? As in, the blades are black and have LED's? That's my only complaint is that the blades are colored. If not for that, I would buy them in a heartbeat. But back to the more important issue, you're satisfied with the air they push and their noise levels? Thanks
  3. Black with LED would be cool. My black one has the places to mount LEDs
    They do make a white with led that looks sweet.
  4. I haven't ever mounted those LED's before, is that a pain or pretty simple? And I don't know how well the white one's would look since the chassis is white as well, that case I am building is going to be black, so the white LEDs would look good, not so sure on the white chassis though.
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