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Yesterday I began having the problem of the right click menu appearing with me touching the mouse. Started slow and then became a flashing menu. A shutdown cleared up the problem for a while. I was using a Razer Diamondback mouse. It started again today so I switched to a spare mouse. After a little while the problem came back. I doubt 2 mice went bad the same way. Ideas?
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  1. I agree, it seems unlikely two mice would have exactly the same problem. So, what are the other common components? This looks like an intermittent faulty connection somewhere.
    USB mouse? Try it in a different USB port. Maybe the port connector has a problem.
    Similar thought if it is in a PS/2 port.
    What about any cable connection inside the computer case between the external port and the mobo (that is, if it's not part of the mobo)?
    A driver issue seems less likely, but not impossible if other ideas don't work.
  2. They were both USB, one was connect to a USB card, the other to a case port.

    I've got a Wacom tablet that is about 2 weeks old. Might be a conflict there.
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