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I am having trouble with a m/b intel 815eea. checked manual due to two beeps with usually means bad mem. But I bought a new stick specifically for the m/b. Tried different slots but no result, can you help? not sure what mem type,though I did buy from mr memory
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. When it comes to testing RAM to determine if the failure is in the RAM or the mobo, the best way to do this is by using a good known-working mobo. You need to rule out the bad part(s).

    First, see if you can find a mobo that you know works. Putting the questionable RAM into the known-working mobo and getting the mobo to POST successfully (no bad memory beeps), then there is a strong possibility the Intel board is faulty. However, there is also the issue of incompatability. Some motherboards simply won't work with some RAM. There is no scientific scheme to determine this factor, but it exists.

    To test further, you take the RAM from the known-working computer (they should already be removed, since you've just tested your RAM on the mobo these came from), and then put it on to the Intel board. Fire it up. Do you still get the bad mem beeps? If yes, your mobo is either really picky about the RAM it will work with, or it is defective. If you don't hear the beeps and you can get a successful POST, then attempt to boot into Windows.
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