Ati 5870 power requirements


i intend to buy 2 ati 5870
and crossfire them

my question is will a thermaltake ‏ToughPower W0116 750W psu

be enough for the 2 cards or do i need a more powerfull psu

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  1. did anyone actually try it ?
  2. Why bother? Ask AMD for refund if it damage your GFX.
  3. i have just ordered the pc
    and i want to know should i change the psu or not
  4. You are absolutely fine as long as you are with a 600W or above PSU of a reliable brand. Thermaltake ‏ToughPower W0116 is in this category.
  5. Hey Master- D.

    It should be ok. there are better PSU's out there, but this one will definitely work. The specs on the website say its high efficiency, and has 60amps on the +12v rails.
    This is much higher quality than Thermaltake's lower wattage power supplies.

    My suggestion is to try it, and if you think the PC is getting too hot or the psu fan is running too hard/etc you can swap it out for a bigger one.

    The new technology in the 5870 card means it has lower power requirements than you might expect from a card in this price range.
  6. thanks for the answer deadlockedworld

    btw which psu would you recomend ?
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    If you had to buy another (which you wont have to) the best PSU manufacturers in reputation are probably Seasonic, Corsair, Antec and OCZ. (I am biased toward corsair because i have one)

    Among these brands you would want to pick one thats very high efficiency and has a high amperage on the +12v rail(s). Picking a higher wattage unit than you need will make it run slightly more efficiently.

    Thermaltake has a bad reputation because they make some very cheap and low efficiency models, but they make some good models too-- like the one you have.
  8. what do you say about the corsair ‏TX 850W Active PFC 12cm Fan‎ ?
  9. It would definitely be a good choice.

    The corsair HX line is slightly higher efficiency if you want to pay even more :-)
  10. A good 650watt PSU for 2x5850s, or a good 750watt PSU for 2x5870s.

    According to benchmarks, two 5870s and an OCed i7 peaks at slightly above 600watts, while two 5850s and an OCed i7 peaks at slightly above 500watts.
  11. ok thanks to all
  12. Best answer selected by master-D.
  13. Thanks!
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