[SOLVED] How to Increase Multiplier??

I've got a Phenom II x4 964 Black Edition.
MB: Gigabyte GA-970a-D3 rev. 3.0, Bios FB
Memory: 8mg

I'm simply trying to increase the multiplier in the BIOS and cannot figure out how to do it! There is no "CPU multiplier" option. I'm stuck and cannot find any help online.

Does anyone know this BIOS and know how to do it? I just want a few more gHz out of my cpu, like increasing the multiplier to 17.5 or 18. Maybe 18.5

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Sometimes its referred to as ratio not multiplier but if you post a screenshot of your bios screen it may help us figure out which tab you should be looking under
  2. Ok thanks! Here are some screen shots:

    There is something called CPU Clock Ratio, but it is reporting it at 5.33. CPUID reports the multiplier as 17x. So I don't get it. Do I up the ratio in BIOS to 17.5? Or do I increase that 5.33 to something like 6.0? Or is there another setting somewhere that I'm missing or don't understand?

    Thanks for you help!
  3. bump.
  4. Thats unlike any bios I've seen lol, but yes, read the mobo manual to check multiplier adjustment but it should be that ratio setting I reckon
  5. The board is rev. 3 and it's the new UEFI. I like the old style better too.

    When I try to raise the cpu clock ratio to 17.5, it won't boot. But when I use AMD overdrive to increase it, it works seems to work fine and CPU-Z verifies that it is raised too.
  6. Someone on another board suggusted updating to the newest BIOS, and lo! It worked. CPU Clock Ratio is now reporting correctly, and CPU-Z confirms it.

    How do you mark this solved???
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