My turbo boost is not working properly

I have an ASUS K55vm laptop it has the following configurations:
i7 3610
8GB ram 1600
nVidia gt 630M 2 GB

The problem i am facing here is that when i first played some games like Ghost Recon Future Soldier It was very smooth and i was getting almost 30 - 35 fps but now when i play the same game even the same mission the fps are down to 10 fps . One thing i noticed that at first the was a lot of heat generating but now while i play there is no heat generation the laptop is very cool. I think that at first my laptop's turbo boost was working thats why there was heat and 35 fps , but now turbo boost is not working so there is no heat and low fps.

Please help me in this thing , i am frustated because of this.

thanks in advance.
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  1. in the bios of these new laptops there may be a few power settings that need to be changed. you may be running on the intel chipset right now. if you have max power settings turned on. i would try setting the laptop to performance power settings.
  2. In my computer I3 the turbo boost has never worked don't know why even though I have tried many times I dont see any difference could that be the same problem?
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