MS-7168 overclocking ?

I have MS-7168 OEM (for PBell) system and was wondering whether it's worth upgrading the current CPU (athlon 64 3400) to an AMD Athlon X2 4200? The current BIOS version is reported as being ver 1.0 so I am assuming that I have to flash it with an upgarde ( ver 3 something?). Or may be just get a new motherboard. If so can you suggest s modest upgrade ($100) as I have HD 4850 waiting to be used :)
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. The Athlon X2 series is a very good CPU, in fact, the Athlons are just a step down from the Phenoms. Even though the upgrade would do nicely, you may experience bottlenecks at the memory controller. What are the specs on your RAM? and what is your primary function for this system?
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