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i am going to upgrade my pc soon currently have 2 5770's crossfired on the 775 platform but my cpu is sluggish now it is 3.5 yrs old now. My question is how much noticable/perfomance difference is there with the PCIe 2.0 at 8x & 8x on 1156 or at 16x & 16X on the 1366 platform.
New system build i only need m/b ram and cpu.
Was thinking one of the Asus p6t Mobo, not sure on ram was thinking Gskill 3x2gb kit and Intel I7 930
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  1. The difference between x8 and x16 is minimal.

    and so the difference between x8/x8 and x16/x16 is insignificant too

  2. as andy showed, there is virtually no performance hit when using x8 PCIe lanes, so unless you plan on running ultra high end cards (5970) its probably better to go LGA1156,, as its on die PCIe and DDR controller give it an edge in gaming.
  3. This shows exactly the same pattern:


    However, it might pay you to go for the faster platform because it has greater expansion potential. Also, the I7 processors have better video encode/decode performance and offer faster rendering in apps like Maya, so if you do a lot of that kind of work the I7 would be a better choice.
    Just for games, the I5 1156 is more cost effective, though.
  4. There is also i7 on LGA1156. :)
  5. i was playing crysis on my dads pc last night core I7 860 with 5870 and it was unbelievable. He upgraded from asus eah 4890 in crossfire and that was insane but the 5870 blows the two out of the water.
  6. The idea of getting the 1366 because it has more expansion potential doesn't make much sense because, in a coule of years from now, you'll want to change your entire system, and not only your cpu in order to keep and aging mobo.

    The same is true about SLI/X-fire: how many people do you know that bought a 2nd card 6 months or more after purchasing the 1st one?

    If you are a gamer, get i5-750, a good mobo and RAM, overclock it and be happy.
  7. Like I said, it MAY pay to go for the faster I7 system, it'll depend on what uses the OP will put it to if he/she will do more than gaming on it.
    On your last point Galta-Did exactly that ;)
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