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Hi people first post. I just got interested in OC for no other reason than to see what I can do with my pc. Not playing games on it just general pc stuff and watching films. Anyway I just picked this card up of ebay £14 bargain and I got it because of all the good reviews on here. I’m hoping for some input on best OC program (free) for the job and a safe OC expectation using a stock cooler so not looking to get to GTX level ( ~That is unless the cooler and board could handle it as regular use?


Oh and btw I' am a newbee and OC language is foreign to me so layman’s idiots guide would be cool :ange:

Thanks in advance

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  1. That should read XFX 7900 GT in thread title sorry.
  2. For start download MSI Afterburner:

    Increase your GPU and memory clocks. Verify stability and temps with at least 15 mins of Furmark burn-in test:

    If it crashes lower the clocks a little and try again. Repeat until you find the highest stable clock. It may happen that it will seem to be stable in Furmark, but will stil crash in some games. Lower the clocks again.

    Don't mess with voltages at first. I'm not even sure if voltage control is enabled for 7xxx series... Later you can always do a BIOS voltage mod, meaning that you will edit your current graphics card bios and re-flash it to get higher GPU core or memory voltage.

    Generally I don't see a reason for you to OC. If you are not gaming, your GPU will only draw more power, generate more heat and noise, without any real benefit for your system.
  3. Thanks for the info. In responce to your question there is no particular reason for OC apart from learning processes and fun :D :D

    Cheers Bill
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