Limiting the bandwidth of another computer in household

k so recently my step brother found out how to download movies 24/7 using utorrent and will not stop using it
my internet as a whole will take 3 minutes to load a single page cause of it

the router is in my room and i have unplugged his internet cord to the router several times but cant keep doing it cause he'll find out lol
basically he doesn't know much about computers so he wouldn't know the difference if i blocked him from doing that

i was wondering if i can go on the router page and block the utorrent ports completely so he cant download/use it anymore, but im not sure if that'll work or no

yes, i know im being ***hole about it but its really ticking me off
so if you got any suggestions on what i can do, will be much appreciated
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  1. With domestic hardware your options are pretty much limited to what you've already covered.
  2. what router do you have?

    One solution: I had a similiar problem and just made up some excuse about needing to run a server for files and stuff. I also used it to share our internet connection. Then i installed netlimiter and slowed all traffic from my brothers computer... he wasn't taking up bandwidth i was just being an a**.

    Some routers can do that other can't.
  3. What connection speed do you have ? and does the ISP you are using have another level that would be faster ? if they do explain the problem to him and get him to pay the difference for a higher speed connection and then have him or help him setup his torrent program to limit the download speed to the difference in the 2 connection speeds so you will always have your original bandwidth available and he can still use his. (plus at the times he is not downloading you'll get more speed !) - Figure the monthly price difference between levels is usually alot cheaper than a second connection.

    If that doesn't work out at least you gave him the chance to do the right thing and then won't feel bad disconnecting him when you need the bandwidth !! (or sneaking into his program settings and slowing down the Maximum download\upload speed.)
  4. Depending on if your router supports QoS and how robust it is, you may be able to prioritize traffic by source MAC-address (yours), traffic type (anything but peer-to-peer) and choose those packets to drop 1st during network congestion.
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