Which Cpu a Q or an E?

Hi guys

I bet you guys are sick of reading and replying to questions like these but if you could one more time that would be great.

I am looking at upgrading from my E6750 clocked @3.2ghz ,I mostly play games and emulators mame and am running xp sp3 got a nvidia 260 gtx ,4 gig ram on a gigabyte p35-ds3p

Which processor would be best for my upgrade im looking at these now as my choices would both offer a major difference over my current cpu and are both easily overclocked?

1) Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz 6MB Cache
2) 2) Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 S775 2.66GHz 6MB
If you guys know any links I can read up on em more that would be great thanks for your time

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    If your only choice is between those CPUs then,
    None of those will give you a noticeable boost in almost every game,but since you already have a dual core CPU,then i would recommend going with Q9400 and OC it,however in games which aren't multi-threaded the performance would be the same(i am comparing them by having same clocks),but in games that benefit from multi-core CPU,it will give you a boost in games.
    But IMO,if you can,then don't upgrade now,since socket 775 is out of production.
    Build a new system with an i5/i7 or AMD Phenom II CPUs instead and they will give you more boost in games.
  2. hi mate thanks for the reply,,

    not really have in any major performance problems but do notice on a few of the new fps games like metro2033, bf2bc i get a lot of lag and slow down some time i never run me games with FSAA or anti scope filtering if i have to i knock em down to 1 and generaly run at 1024x 768 or 1280x1024 seems to get better at medium setting in the games but i would have throught i could get away with high thats why i think my cpu could be a bottle neck hopefully its not my gfx card gtx 260 oc have had w7 on my system had so many probs with games on it so now the disk is just sitting here in the pack.

    weres the best place to find them 2nd hand cpus? ebay seems to be ??££££££

    so you would still say its best to go for a slower x4 core than a fast x2 core? my board will take the q6600 but thats about it want to hold off i core for now

    cheers ant
  3. First of all,Metro 2033 is poorly optimized,even more powerful setups don't get good FPS in it.
    But its strange that your FPS isn't high in BC2,because a GTX 260 can handle it fine on 1280x1024,have you updated your VGA driver?
  4. will pull down the lates vga driver now and see how i go,thanks
  5. You are welcome :) let us know how it goes
  6. seems to be a bit better with the latest drivers thanks mate
  7. found turning off vsync help to no end
  8. I had to mention vsync first,because when its enabled,it locks your FPS.
    Glad its working then
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