Add a power source to a usb hard drive

I have a WD passport HD that powers off the usb port. However I need to supply a power source to it ti I can use it to record from my TV as the current drain (according to the TV manufacturer)is too heavy for the TV USB port.
Any help appreciated
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    Maybe you could use a powered USB hub? Plug the powered hub's power cable into an outlet, the hard drive into the hub, and the master cable into the TV? I'm not sure if the TV will recognize it, but it's all I can come up with besides getting a new hard drive. Maybe you could try using your hard drive with your TV and it might work anyway. Shouldn't hurt to try.
  2. An alternative could be, if you happen to have 2 USB ports close by on the TV, you could try a Y cable.

    I use this for my Samsung TV + 2.5" vantec enclosure for my WD 750GB. But I know not all TVs have 2 USB ports right next to each other.

    But if you have a powered USB hub, and your TV is compatible with that (not all TVs are, like mine), I'd go with blazorthon's suggestion.
  3. Thanks for the replies. the TV only has one USB port :fou:
    The HD is USB3 - will that make a difference? If not I'll give blazorthon's idea a go.
  4. I'd think USB3 would have enough power, but if the TV's specs say otherwise, then probably not.

    If you're going to use this drive for recording, I'm going to assume the drive is empty? If so, just plug it in and try. It's either going to work or it's not. Unlike some other things, power is very well controlled under USB. So if it spins up, and starts recording ok, then all is well.
    If not, blazorthon's idea is the way to go.
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