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i have a top spec pc it has, 4 gb ram, asus gtx260 top edition, intel quad core q6600, which extras, and run my games at 1920 x 1080. but for some reason say cod5 or arma 2 only runs at say 20 fps or 30 its really getting on my nerves cause i see people with the same specs and they get like 70 - 100 fps. is there something to make it faster?
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  1. what your operating system??
  2. vista home premium 64bit
  3. tune your in game graphics and also check if the drivers are updated... else see the version of the game on which the others are working on... plus check if physx and fraps are turned off as they slow down the graphics card and cpu... lastly check the starin on the cpu due to background tasks...

    you could try overclocking your card...

    also win7 is better for gaming
  4. Does that include running at the same resolution and quality settings? Resolution have a major impact on FPS.
  5. Are you running with AA ?

    Is your CPU running at stock speed or have you OC'd ?

    Don't try overclocking your video card yet. Your lust for max FPS might get the best of you and if you get too aggressive you could create problems for yourself.

    You would see better performance gains by running a mild CPU OC.

    What MB are you using ?

    War had a good point. Check your CPU load when playing one of those two games. See if there are any background applications that are taxing your CPU.
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