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Just started my first build, and I accidentally plugged the USB connectors for the case into the 1394 on the mobo. When I started it up, there was a "spark/fzzz" just above the connector with me being unable to turn of the case in time. I'm pretty sure the mobo is fried, which was easily pointed out by tech support at ASUS. It is completely fried though, right? And what about the case USB ports, are they fried too?

Thanks all.
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  1. I do believe that it says in the manual to strictly refrain from doing this.
  2. I understand that. The mistake was made due to the 1394 and USB immediately adjacent to each other.
  3. Bump. Mobo was RMA'd (M4A88T-V EVO/USB3). Is there any other risk other components may be damaged? Just need to know if I need to request more RMA numbers for remaining items. And any ideas on the case USB ports? Thanks.
  4. There is a huge chance that the entire motherboard was fried as any open circuits exposed to shock or foreign electrical charge renders them as obsolete.
  5. Well after it happend, the power LED on the board was still on and all the fans were still spinning. I'm pretty confident it was just the motherboard but am still concerned about the case USB. I guess I was hoping there was someone on here that had a similar experience or knows of one to determine if the rest of the parts are OK.
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