Seagate portable hard drive no longer recognised by computer

Hello. Re My Seagate Freeagent go. if i connect this i can see all the files i downloaded on to it, unfortunatey i cannot find my instalation disk. and had a problem with the PC, so i have no Manager or help file on the PC, do i need to download a driver to get the control of the drive back? i have tried downloading from Seagate weblsite which states it needs updating along with many other items, however i could not register and then i could not get rid of the faulty download page which was not recognised by Windows! without a restart. can anyone advise please,
Thanks Bob
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  1. Do you actually use those features that the Freeagent Go software provides (encryption, synchronization, personal file storage)?

    If you don't, then just forget about that, and simply use the standard file management tool, Windows Explorer.
  2. I have had the same issue with these hard drives however I have found a quick fix. As bizarre as it sounds, if you make sure the hard drive is not cold before you plug it in i.e. holding it over/infront of a heater for 1-2 minutes so the plastic casing is warm to touch. Be sure you do not hold it so long it becomes 'hot' as the solder/circuitry could melt. If it is still not recognized - while it is plugged in, hold the hard drive over a heater and till it appears. I've also found this to work if your power supply for a macbook pro does not register it's power supply or says "not charging". Hold your laptop over a heater until the metal casing is warm. I hope this helps you as it is worked for me multiple times - just finished recording sessions for 7 hours and I thought I had lost all the recorded data - but this trick seemed to work.
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