No sound at all from my ASUS M4A88TD-M

Here's hoping you guys can help me out with my issue:

I recently built a new PC with Windows 7 32-Bit and the aforementioned motherboard. I installed all the sound drivers from the disc, but I don't get any sound from any of my devices, internal or speaker-wise. I look in the system tray and the audio is enabled and the sound even fluctuates, but zero sound. I open the realtak HD Audio manager and all of the back panel slots are grayed out. In a nutshell, my PC isn't recognizing any of the devices plugged into it, front or back.

I've tried everything from reinstalling the drivers from the disc to going to the ASUS site and trying the ones there to making sure all the inner working of the case were all plugged in properly. Noting has worked thus far.

If there's anymore info you need I'll be glad to include it, but can anyone help me out with this issue?
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  1. have you checked your speakers ?! its happens xD
    and make sure that sound is enabled On bios
  2. Yes I've done that several times and tested out all the different options in the BIOS. So far none have worked.
  3. Try the last bios ver of you mobo , nothing works Bering you mobo back to the seller
  4. I've actually already done that. I replaced my first mobo with a new one since I thought it was defective, but I'm having the same problem with this one.

    Funny things is, when I brought it to my friend's place and hooked it up to one of his monitors with an HDMI cable the sound worked just fine. I hate to think that I need a totally new monitor just to get some sound outta my rig (my own minotr doesn't have an HDMI socket).
  5. Problem solved: A friend of mine just sold me his old sound card.
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