Fx-6100 overclock?

could i overclock fx-6100 with this mobo?


i have scythe ninja 3 ordered so cooling is not an issue, im just thinking about can the mobo handle it? its 95w
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  1. Yeah you should be able to overclock fine on the motherboard
  2. i was just wondering that can that mobo handle something like 4-4.2 ghz?

    its only 95w TDP
  3. Just going over the figures the answer is no on full load a 4.2 overclock would be rated at 140w i apologise for my earlier answer as i just looked on the support list of the mobo http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/N68C-GS%20FX/?cat=CPU
  4. how far do you think i could push the limits of this board?

    im replacing my am3 setup with intel somewhere in spring
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