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Have a am3 rig, gna get a new mobo for tri sli, need some good options that support good overclocking potential, and will give at the very least 16x8x8 perferably 16x16x16 but idk if they even have that out yet. I have an antec three hundred case as well, and my price limit is around 150 USD
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  1. Could find only 2 Good boards on newegg..... with the 980 NB

    Although I'm using a TRI SLI board with my PIIX4 965BE it's the Asus M3NHT Deluxe Mempipe .....
  2. its a m2+ board tho?
  3. Yeah, the M3N is an AM2+ Board that's why the limitation on the DDR2 part :(
    But the perks are I only needed to upgrade one part at a time and it's been with me thru an AthlonII X2 , the PIIX2 555BE and finally on the PIIX4 965 BE and the RAM stayed the same throughout 8Gigs DDR2 800MHz.
    HDDs changed from 500GB to 80GB SSD and GPU from 6800XT 2X SLI to 9600GT 2X SLI plus 9500GT dedicated PhysX.....
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