Video card doesn't fully fit in the AGP slot

Recently bought HD 4650 for 80$ (can't afford a new PC, just wanted a cheap replacement for my ancient nvidia 6200).

The problem is that it doesn't fully fit into the AGP 8x slot (and yes, card *is* AGP x8).
What I mean by that is that even though it fits, I can't insert it fully, cause if I do the position where the screw which connects CPU to the case is out of place and I can see the "goldfingers" of the card.
And if I press that little switch which is supposed to hold the card in place, only 1 side of the card goes in fully, the other side tilts diagonally slightly and then the hole for the screw, which is supposed to connect GPU to the case is out of position.

To properly screw GPU to the case I have to use force and then the little "screws" from the cable which connects to the GPU have hard time screwing in.
The card works atm, but it doesn't get detected by programs like Everest, for example.
I compared this card to my even older nvidia 5500 and it seems that the size is almost the same, so I can't figure out what prevents the card from fully inserting itself.

And sorry for my English :P
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  1. It may have been abused by the packaging department. I had a card like that, had to bend the back plate to get it in. Of course mine didn't work anyway it turned out (DOA, probably in relation to them dropping it and bending it in the first place). By working, you mean Windows boots and all?
  2. Yep, it boots, I can play games just fine etc.
    But I'm worried that it may not be like that for a long time.

    Everest not tracing the card is somewhat worrisome.

    I'll try posting some pics later.
    I guess that contacts fit just enough to make the card work, but seeing goldfingers when the card is supposed to be fully inserted is not delightful..
  3. Hmm, the fact that it obviously works yet Everest does not see if makes me think more of a software issue than hardware (if it really couldn't be detected, how could the drivers install?). If not already, try a newer version of Everest. Also, try GPU-Z. It will tell you a lot more about the card as well as giving any temp/voltage sensor readings so you can keep an eye on card health.
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