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Hey guys, i have a gtx 560ti, just wondering what a good program is to overclock with, i had one before but i reformated and forgot the name, and its msi. thanks!
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  1. Use the Msi afterburner, it's what I use to over lock my gtx 550ti.
  2. how much better results do you get with that? im a bit of a noob just trying to find the potential. cheers
  3. It's not any different to any other software but it is good because it is really simple to use, trust me I'm a noob to ahaha.
  4. msi afterburner or ASUS GPU tweak are good programs, however personally i prefer GPU tweak because its got a nicer UI
  5. Msi afterburner is your best bet its a good program and offers nice feature's like fan control and a custom fan curve wich allow's you to have the fan set to seperate fan speed's for your own temperature's meaning you can have it to run automatically at certain speeds for certain temp's it also can be unlocked allowing oc ability here's a good guide.
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