I have an AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 BE and i want to overclock it

I want to overclock my cpu.
my specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4 Ghz
Zalman CNPS11X Performa (1 fan) cpu cooler
gigabyte 890xa-ud3
4 GB Kingston 1600 MHZ
Gigabyte HD6970
Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775W
Zalman Z7 case

I want to know what is the max overclock that i can do.
If i need an additional fan to CPU cooler which fan is fits to my CPU cooler?
How to overclock my cpu?
i would like to know some additional information which can be assumed.

Thank to all helpers.
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  1. Max overcock varies from chip to chip even with the same exact sku number.

  2. My best guess would be anywhere from 4.0-4.2Ghz would be plausible with that cooler.

    But as Z1NONLY said every chip is different so don't get your hopes up based on my best guess, do some testing and find the max for yourself.
  3. i had this chip before and on stock cooler it was fine at 3.9Ghz .. if that helps if you need faster get after market CPU cooler prolly 4.5 Ghz max on air
  4. Most chips peak at 4.0-4.2Ghz max stable, rarely will someone get a chip capable of 4.5Ghz stable and on air its very unlikely.
  5. Here is an overclocking guide for Black edition phenom 2's. http://www.overclock.net/t/525113/phenom-ii-overclocking-guide

    My X6 1090T tops out at 4.2ghz but I have to pump alot of voltage at it to stay stable. Once I stated OCing my Northbridge and Ram I had to drop the cpu to 4.0ghz to stay stable. By doing this I was able to drop my CPU vcore quite a bit and keep temps in check for 24/7 use under heavy loads on hot days. I now idle at 23 degrees celcius, and under load hit about 50 degrees. The load being a loop of 3dmark 06 cpu test in a loop for about 30 mins. During gaming I never see it go above 46 degrees.

    Overall anything above 4.0ghz is not really needed IMO since the voltage to get there won't really cause any huge gains in anything performance wise. Benchmark scores will be slightly higher but FPS in games will only increase a few frames at best, and thats only in CPU intensive games.
  6. I overclocked it via the catalyst to 3.9 and its stable!
  7. You'll get slightly better results doing it manually, Sincreator linked a decent guide and theres one here on Toms as well,
    4GHz is the most reasonable target on deneb chips but as mlcaouette said, some lucky folks get higher (usually with water) :)
  8. I had that chip for a year and I ran at a stable 3.8ghz, no voltage increases on stock cooling without ever going above 55c at full load in Prime95. My case has exceptional push/pull fans though so that helped alot. With your cooler 3.8ghz is a reasonable OC and it will be fast. It's a good CPU I loved it!
  9. I had one of these a while back and could only get it to 4Ghz stable... with little over volting
  10. Its a lottery at one point or another, my 975 boots windows and plays crysis at 4.6GHz,won't pass P95 or ibt though, and some won't shift from stock, its down to natural variances in the silicon itself and can't be changed
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