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I'm looking for help with a setting in my bios. I have a ECS A790GXM-A V1.0 motherboard with a AMI bios 080015. There's a setting in the bios that I need to change in order to get my Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C7 ram to run at 1066 mhz. instead of 800 mhz. I've got the settings from Corsair for the ram, which they said to change the following DDR Voltage 2.1 volts, Memory Frequency 533 mhz.,CL 7, tRCD 7, tRD 7 and RAS 20. The RAM Voltage setting I can't find in the bios' MIB 2 section under the memory section. the other settings I found without any problems. Any help with this, is really appreciated.
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  1. Look under "Voltages" - you will find it there if your system supports these types of changes.
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