AMD overclocking problem

Hey guys,
I have tried overclocking my FX-6100 to 4,2 ghz on 1.35v. Everything is okay until i run prime95 for a couple of minutes, because then my clock speeds drop really low (1,4 ghz) according to core temp and also my voltage drops to 1.0.
I have disabled CnQ, core 6 state and windows is on high power mode. I know that it can't be temperature problem because at stock speeds i can run prime95 for hours and hours and never exceed 50c.

Computer specs:
12 gb HyperX 1600 mhz ram
Asus gtx 560
Asus M5A7L-LE mobo
XFX Pro 550W psu

Any kind of help appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I know its off topic but why are you running prime95 on stock for hours? If that 50c is the core temp on stock thats hot enough and it sounds like the cpu is throttling to protect its self, if your using the stock cooler i suggest not to overclock or to invest in a aftermarket cooler
  2. I'm using hyper 212 EVO and have a good airflow in my case (4 fans)
  3. What are the max core temps when the frequency/voltage starts dropping. Are all power saving features and apm disabled in bios?
  4. Max core temps are around 40-42c. Yes all power saving features and apm is disabled in bios.
  5. Are you running an up to date bios?

    VRM could be overheating, i couldn't find that specific model motherboard online could you provide a link for it?
  6. Yes i have the latest bios, here is link to motherboard specs:
  7. VRM could be overheating due to there being no cooling on them. Take a look at this thread:

    If you go to the water cooling sticky on tom's you can find advice on how to put little heatsinks on a vrm, it's under the universal graphics card block area of the sticky. Here is the link:
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