GTX 465 overclock + voltage slider, safe?

Does anyone have experience overclocking this GPU? I have hit 870 core clock which is a massive gain over stock (607mhz) and my temps were in the mid 80's using furmark. I have the slider to max at 1.087 volts and was wondering if this is acceptable to use as an everyday overclock, google search received mixed results.

Its cool that even when i set my volts to the max that at idle my volts go right back down to .875v, so at least i know that feature is working.
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  1. I also forgot to ask, i havent touched the memory clock because i read that it is very unpredictable and even large memory frequency gains do not result in performance gains necessarily. Is this true?
  2. One more thing i must ask, do i REALLY need to use furmark as a stress test? Its just that the temps are so much higher here than the games i play. I understand its a stress test but dam, when playing games it only gets to 60-70c.

    If the answer is yes *(and i understand why) what is a good time frame in which to run furmark, surely its not as long as running prime for CPU's ?
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