Cloned boot drive won't load windows

i recently replaced the motherboard in my computer. the motherboard i took out has SATA ports for the hard drive but the replacement board doesn't have SATA ports, only IDE.

so i made a clone of the SATA hard drive that was in the computer to an IDE drive (twice the capacity- 80GB to 160GB) using Acronis true image.

i plugged the IDE drive in and started the computer- before the Windows XP splash screen appears the computer restarts- i then see the screen stating that windows failed to start up and gives the options to start normally, safe mode, etc.

i tried doing a repair install but the windows install disc doesn't recognize windows as being installed- it only sees a partition, so i don't get the repair option- although ERD Commander 2007 does recognize the windows installation.

i've run a checkdisk from hirens boot disc which did make corrects, but windows still doesn't load.

any ideas?
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  1. That style of cloning is only going to work properly if you are switching hard drives and nothing else in a system. The Windows installation on the drive is still trying to load as if it was running on the prior systemboard which it sounds like was completely different then the current one.

    My suggestion would be to backup data, and do a clean install on your new hardware.
  2. On the SATA system make sure to run sysprep then clone it...Also you can make a hardware profile for different hardware...
  3. May or may not work.
    Insert windows installation disk and do a repair.
    Problem is that the chipset on new Motherboard may be different, or the Bios is not set correct. If Old HDD ewas installed with bios set for IDE and New Bios defaulted to ahci - No load windows.
  4. You may also have to install drivers for the mobo and/or IDE drive.
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    You didn't list the version of acronis. I have true image home 2012 with the plus pack addon. The plus pack gives you the ability to restore to dissimilar hardware.
  6. thanks to everyone for all of the responses, much appreciated!

    i decided to try the acronis true image option that Hawkeye22 suggested. i've made a backup of the SATA disk (original) using an acronis home premium 2012 plus pack boot disc.

    i began the restore process to the target IDE drive and choose a sector-by-sector restore and the universal option for restoring to different hardware. the following message appears:

    Device driver 'PCI
    \VEN_1039&DEV_7001&SUBSYS_0C56105B&REV_0F' for
    'Microsoft Windows XP Professional' cannot be found.
    Place the driver on a removable media or in folder 'A:\' and
    click Retry.

    so i'm guessing that i need drivers loaded in order for the IDE drive to "recognize" the windows xp installation, correct?

    i'm not sure exactly what type of drivers it's looking for, though.

    any ideas?

    thanks again!
  7. It sounds like you need to make a driver disk.

    Acronis Universal Restore is a module that allows changing Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL.dll) and install mass storage boot device drivers into the system.

    It installs boot device drivers (e.g. hard drive or RAID controller drivers) into the system during the recovery process, so that the operating system can boot from this boot device. If there are proper NIC drivers present in the folder with the drivers, Acronis Universal Restore will copy them into the restored system and will schedule their installation on Windows boot-up.

    (!) All the other drivers (e.g. video and sound card drivers, plug and play drivers) are not installed by Acronis Universal Restore, as they can be installed in Windows after the successful migration.
  8. so should i just copy the contents of the motherboard's driver CD onto a USB drive and point the restore process to that location for the required drivers? i'm guessing that it's looking for chipset drivers (southbridge or northbridge) that control the IDE interface.. as far as i know drivers don't apply specifically to hard disk drive hardware.
  9. You will need to read the manual. Acronis has pretty good online documentation and a knowledge base. You also have free support since you just purchased it.
  10. i just clicked Ignore on the prompt and the restore process finished.

    windows booted properly right away and i just used the motherboard's driver CD to load the drivers for that device.

    thanks again!
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