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Having to type this on my phone...can't see the submit button on my work pc...

I have been experiencing repeated bsods over the past few days, all related to the nvidia drivers on my system (nvddmkm.sys). Reading around, it seems that this issue has been happening for a while. Guess I was lucky up till now.

This morning, I couldn't get my system to boot properly (safe mode worked ok), so I'm going to get a new video card today after work. I'm looking for some suggestions for an ATI card comparable to the 9800 GT.

System specs:
Core2Duo E6600
Nvidia 9800 GT (xfx board)
6 gb ram
Windows 7 x64 (Home Premium)
Psu will be replaced today as well (stock Dell with a visiontek video card psu to suppliment right now)
Dell XPS 410 mobo

I mostly play STO and WoW, fps games I only play on my ps3. I play on an Acer 24" lcd at 1920x1080, always windowed due to the multiple monitor setup I have. I will consider getting rid of the LG 17" (1280x1024) but I do really like the setup. Budget is $130-$170, with some flexibility. I figure that the people here will know what to recommend. As I said, I'm looking for an ATI card that will be equal or better than the 9800GT I have.
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  2. Looks like there are 2 different versions of that card that I can get locally, both are more expensive than newegg, but that's ok (want it quickly, and I've had video card issues with newegg in the past). There's no price difference, so can someone tell me what the difference is between

    Also, does anyone really know how to tell which DVI port is primary (for monitor 1) or does it matter? Had issues with that in the past, but mostly when I was dual booting linux and windows.
  3. Also, the 5750
    $20 cheaper, is PCI-Express 1.0 (from what I can tell, anyway); will the PCI-e 2.0 5770 work on my mobo, which I'm fairly sure only has a 1.0 slot?
  4. Any that may be interested, I went on lunch and picked up
    I also picked up
    mostly cause I knew I needed a new one anyway. Hopefully this will be great for me, but I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with these 2 pieces of equipment.
  5. Zoo download the new patch and see how your DC performs.


    * Performance optimizations with biggest improvements on dual-core machines
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